Friday, July 31, 2009

Potty and vegas

the other day i deiced i would start trying to potty train Kali... She did great at first.. she held her self down there and so i took her to the toilet and she sat on there for a minute and she finally went... But then later she went on the carpet... I put a diaper on her so she could take a nap and i haven't tried since... I guess I'm just kinda lazy cleaning up pee and poop just doesn't sound fun....

More Vegas pictures...
I didn't say much last post.. Last weekend me and Mitchell decided last minute to met his parents in St George then go to Las Vegas for Enduro cross (probably totally spelt wrong). We has a blast.. Kali loved seeing her Grandma Jul and Pop... Hopefully it wont be too long asks about them all the time ....
where apple?... where pop??

**** Just want to say thanks, to Julie and Scott we had a GREAT time!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Via Las Vegas


Last week We went to the Aquarium with Lydia, grandma and papa... It wasn't the first time we went and it won't be the last we have a year pass to go, which is GREAT because Kali loves to look at all the fish!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Twin Lakes

On July 14th We started our trip, we drove to Bend Oregon and stayed at a hotel that was about 40 minutes away from the camping grounds. On the 15th we got to the camp grounds and really lucked out we were able to get two camp sites, on being the best camp site there. We were there from Wednesday to Saturday night. Kali had fun playing in the dirt and water, watching the chipmunks, and playing with the tents. She loved being with Her Aunties Kayla and Emily and Her uncles David and Blake ( we are still waiting for Blake to make it official but we already consider him family) and her cousin Lydia, and Papa and Grandma, Daddy was unable to make it due to work. But also there was My grandparents my aunt Traci and cousin Spencer and one of his friends , My uncle Wayne, and on Friday night my cousin Chad and Aunt Lorie came out.

There are three different slide shows, My camera, Kayla's Camera and Emily's camera so your going to get there different point of views.

Here are TONS of pictures, in no order.

This is a picture taken from our camp site, you can see that the lake was just right down a little hill. Kali loved trying to run down there without any one stopping her, it never worked.

Some family pictures

Cosuins! Me David and Kayla with our cosuins, Chad and Spencer.
Everyone minus Mitchell

Aunt Traci and Cousin Spencer

The Fishermen of the week

The Klavano Family

WE love our grandparents!!

Uncle Wayne

Swimming with uncle Blake, he was the only brave one to take her in.

posing with papa

Kayla in Blake took Kali out on the raft, She wanted to get in the water really bad so Blake jumped in with her.

Getting a pony ride from Aunt Traci

At the hotel in Bend

Little lobsters

hanging with great uncle Wayne

She feel asleep while we took a one mile walk around the lake, Papa carried the whole way!

Loving the water

Hotel in Boise

Playing with liddy