Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Ventura

This year we went to Ventura to spend Christmas with Mitchell's Family, although We missed my family we had a blast with the whole Herron family! we don't get to get together with the whole family very often and this trip we had 5 whole days! IT WAS GREAT! Kali spent that whole time a her cousin Tessa's side! they had so much fun playing and laughing together. and Marshall had a fun playing with scotty and Elliot!

somethings that Kali got were barbies, an art station, barbie movies, some books, a couple outfits, sleeping beauty doll, Snow White doll and picnic set, my little pony set, smurf dolls, Tinkerbell rug, underwear, socks & more......

Somethings marshall got were motorcycle, trike, pillow pet, tool set, cookie monster toy, police car, dump truck and more.....

Mitchell got some tolls and flash light , Xbox games

I got new pots and pans, toms
the whole family got 72 hour packs and sleeping bags...

We had a great Christmas!

opening presents

Enjoying the beautiful weather!
Waiting in line for santa

Making orange juice

Marshall and his cousin Scotty!! they are only a month apart!
Taking a Train ride around the mall

Going for a ride with pop!