Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kali and Daddy

OK so these are real... both Mitchell and Kali were taking a nap and every time I would look at them they were in the same position as each other....

On another note.... Notice the big girl panties on Kali!!! She is COMPLETELY potty trained!! YAY!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2009.. Where the Heck did it go?

So it is already toward the end of January 2010!! I honestly have no idea where 2009 went.
Time flew by last year!!!
We are looking forward to this coming year.
Adding a teenagers and new baby to our family!!
We have decided to take in teenage girls. We had three who we watched for the past month who went back to their normal foster home.
So now we are down to one 12 year old girl.
So far we have had a GREAT experience as foster parents and are looking forward to add more to our family!
Here is a look back on some of our happenings in 2009
March 2009

Mitchell's brother Dustin married an AMAZING women.... Brittney

We got a lab from my dads littler .. Roxy!!! We sold her in May..

April 2009

Mitchell had a job interview with a company in Salt lake city Utah..
He got the job!!
May 2009
We moved to Utah..

June 2009

Me and Mitchell took and completed classes to be come foster parents.

Kali turned 2!!!!
Mitchell and I had our 3 year wedding anniversary!

July 2009

Kali and I went on a Family camping trip in Oregon with my dads side of the family.

October 2009

* I started a new job as a Peer Parent
* We moved into a 5 bedroom house in West Jordan

We got Buddy... and got rid of him a few weeks later
We also got Hersey (not pictured) and also got rid of him a few weeks later
My wonderful mommy took me and Kali to Disneyland!!!

We found out we were going to have another baby!!
November 2009
*We finally got licensed to be foster parents
Kali and I got to go see Julie and Scott's new house on Petulma California and drove with them down to Venture where Mitchell met us for Nanny's 75Th Birthday!

My dad turned 50!!!

December 2009
* We took in 3 foster girls for a month while their foster mom went out of the country.

Blake FINALLY asked Kayla to marry him!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Christmas was very fun this year.... Kali was very excited to open all her presents.. Thanks you to everyone who got her and us stuff!!!!

We had a very large group this year.....

Kayla and Blake came from California
David, Emily and Lydia
My parents and 1 out of their 2 foster boys
Mitchell, Me and Kali and two out of our three foster girls.

We ate... ate... opened presents..... ate.. played Wii (Mario cart).......... and ate