Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let it snow...

Today was the first snow fall.....

*** Kali's cute place house!!

TWO CUTE Princesses

After a fight to get the costumes on I was finally able to take some pictures.....
Snow White and Cinderella

Bath Time FUNNN!!

The other day we were at Target and I saw this is the baby section... Finger paint for bath time.. Not only does Kali LOVE to play with them in the bath they they smell really good!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Just the other day on Tuesday we went to Disneyland with my mom... WE ALL had a Blast!! Kali had so much fun riding the rides and meeting all the Disney Characters... Kali top 2 favorite rides were.... The Finding Nemo ride & Its a small world..

I want to say THANK YOU to my mom.. She is the Best Mom/Grandma ever, we had so much fun!!!! We love you!!

The Fair

A Couple for weeks ago me and Kali went to the fair with My parents and their foster kids..
Kali had a blast seeing all the animals, and of course going on a pony ride...

Fishes / Dino's / Farm Animals

The Living Plant Aquarium.
My mom being the GREATEST mom ever bought us a year pass to the Aquarium, Kali LOVES to go there and see the fishes and play in the water...... WE have been TONS of times!! Way to many to count... Here are some pictures from some of the times we have been....

Thanksgiving Point's
Animal Farm

Kali's favorite thing.. Pony RIDES!!

Thanksgiving Point's Dinosaur Museum