Thursday, May 27, 2010

A gift for baby brother..

I was at Wal mart Yesterday buying a few things.
I went into the baby section just to look and Klai grabed this Mickey Mouse blanket thing and said...
For baby borther.. k? and put it in the shopping cart..
It was pretty cute so I told her That we can get it and she can give it to her her baby brother in the hospital as a present she was pretty excited.

Just some random pictures...
My mom bought Kali and Lydia matching Princess air mattress/sleeping bag beds.
Kali loves it!!

Playing inside a ball thing..

Introducing Bella Herron

Bella was Born March 26, 2010
and joined our family May 7th 2010.
She is a Shih tuz both her parents are only 8 lbs so she shouldn't get much bigger.
Mitchell says she was my mothers day present however he LOVES her alot more than I do..
Kali is loving having a puppy!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last Sunday we received a phone call letting us know that Mitchell's grandmother "Nanny" had past away. Mitchell had a great relationship with his grandparents growing up and was very sad when he had heard the news. I had only known her the past four years but in the short time I had known her she seemed to be a very special lady and I am very grateful for the part she played in Mitchell's live.

June 2006
August 2007

Even though this was a very sad time, We had a good time seeing family.
Kali was very excited to see her Apple Jul and Pop and Kali always loves when she gets to see her cousins Tessa and Seth. And of course she She loves seeing her Aunts and Uncles too.

(this picture was taking by Tessa)

A day out...

Last Saturday we were bug bombing out home and we had 4 hours to kill. All our foster daughters were on visits so me and Mitchell took Kali girl to Gardener Village. We went to the petting zoo which by the way was not worth the $6.00 it cost all 3 of us to get in. But Kali really did enjoy it. We then Spent an extra $3 for Kali to do her favorite thing, ride a pony. Even though it was way to much money for what is was we had a blast spending the day together!

Hair cut!

A couple of weeks ago I took Kali down to cookie cutters and got her her hair cut.
We didn't take really anything off in length just trimmed it up and cut her bangs.

* if you haven't heard of cookie cutters or haven't taken your kids to one you should really check it out. It is such a cute fun place for kids!