Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is the DAY!!!

AS Mitchell is out working his but off to load the truck up, I'm in here on a quick break to blog......

This is all our stuff, not pictures a queen bed set, and a California king mattress & our TVs.

This is our 17 foot Truck... I'm a little worried!!!!
We will have to give you an update to see if it all fit..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Smiles

Mitchell was all smiles yesterday when he came home from his last day of work from MMI Tank!!! I ran out side when i heard him pull up and snaped this picture!!!!

Our little flower girl.

Well.. With moving comes things you toss... These flowers were one thing i wanted to toss but kali wouldn't let me.. So i guess when she is a sleep I will have to sneak them away from her.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its official

Our house is up for sale, over half our things are packed and we are leaving in a week from today!

* Mitchell accepted a job in Salt lake city. So we are going to move to South Jordan and live in my parents basement for a few months and then we are going to rent a house.

more utah...

Some more easter/utah pictures from Kayla

Saturday, April 18, 2009


So me and Mitchell went to Utah together for Easter! it was a nice change to have him there with me. He came home last Sunday night and me and Kali got home last night BUT.... we are going back to Utah in a few weeks because WE ARE MOVING THERE!!!!!! Yes I am very HAPPY to be moving there i can't wait!!! its going to be a stressful busy week but it will be worth it!! Mitchell got a GREAT new job so we are just happy that everything seems to be working out!

Fun with the Gauthier's

We got to spend a couple of days with some family friends. As you can see they have very CUTE kids!!!

Roxanne "Roxy" Klavano Herron

I would like to introduce everyone to a new member of our family Roxanne "Roxy" Klavano Herron. My dads dog had puppies last month we are taking the only female she had. Kali LOVES her! she like to pick her up and give her hugs and kisses


On Easter we just hung out, we took a walk. Kali had fun blowing bubbles with auntie Kayla and uncle Blake.