Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Reunion

This last weekend we got the chance to go to ventura California to go to a Beecroft family reunion. Which is Mitchell's mom's family.
I'm so goign to buy one of thesem and ride it around utah...

This is my "boyfriend" scotty... Isn't he cute!!!!! He was one of many cute babies there.

Kali and Pop Pop or as she calls him "POP"

Fun... Fun & more fun

miniature golf

Four Wheeling

The Park

I'm a big girl now....... or so she thinks...

She loves to sit on this cute little bench that my mom bought a a garage sale for $5!

Kali LOVES to take showers.. which is great but she likes to be completely alone and close the door.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

a little update...

So just an update... We have been in Utah for about a week and a half now. Mitchell is LOVING his new job and really likes all the people he works with.

Lydia....... She is so FREAKIN adorable!

Grandma and her two girls.
The view from my parents backyard... can you see why i couldn't wait to get out of Arizona!

Just hanging out side.

She is most definitely not camera shy.

A good helper

Just kickin back watching strawberry shortcake.

Monday, May 4, 2009

WE did it!!!

Well... We did it!! Me and Mitchell arrived in at my parents house in south Jordan UT last Wednesday around 12 pm after a day and a half of driving. My dad was nice enough to fly to Arizona to pick Kali up and fly her back home with him so she wouldn't have to take that long drive with us. Well... me!! Mitchell drove the Uhal and I drove our truck. We took off Last Tuesday around 12 in the afternoon. We drove to Saint George and stayed in a Whole in the wall (well at least i thought it was) hotel. The next day we got up bright and early. We empty all our stuff in a storage and mad our self's right at home in my parents basement.

we were surprised as we ( when i say we i mean Mitch) started to load up everything how much stuff you can fit in a Uhal...

The night before we went on a little goodbye dinner with Mitchell's Sister's family and his brother's family.
Making a mess with Aunt Tiffani..

It was a little sad to see Kali with her cousin Tessa. Knowing that they aren't going to see each other that much anymore since they are so close in age..