Monday, June 30, 2008

Since Last Time..........

Sunday Dinner at the Herron's.
Kali Loves her cousins Tessa and Seth!! It is so fun to watch her and Tessa together. Tessa is only 4 1/2 months older then kali. And these to cuties are going to be trouble when they are older.
Naked Babies

All Ready for Church...
Earlier that day we went to our new ward. A couple of weeks ago they redid the boundaries to make a new ward. And we Are in that NEW Ward MAricopa 7th ward. So i was released from my calling at CTR 8 Teacher. And I was kinda happy about that the kids were kinda to much for me. But i would be willing to do it in this ward if they asked me.

look at those eyes!

Of Course I had to take a picture of the two loves of my life.

Sunday Nap.....
They were really sleeping.. Isn't it so cute!!!
Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary
2 years!
I can not believe that me and Mitchell have been married two years. Last year on our one year we didn't do anything do to our wonderful gift we got the week before. The wonderful gift was our daughter, for the people that didn't connect that. Anyway, so Mitchell decided he wanted to something special. So he planed a little trip for us two. We dropped Kali off with Mitchell's parents. It was our first time leaving her for the night. So I was a little nervous, but she did really good.
Mitchell got us a room at Gold Cyanon Resort. The room had it own spa, and the resort had a nice pool. We just got to relax.
This is a picture off their site. it backs up right into the mountains.

I Finally got to wear my swim suit!

Kali Update:
  • she is now off the Boob!
  • She is wrapping things around her neck. (it scares me)
  • Loves Barney
  • had her first sleep over
  • her walking has improved (almost running)
  • She is 6 teeth
  • Loves to sit on things.
  • She walks backward tell she runs into something and trys to sit down.
  • hinds things.
  • weighs 23.7 lbs
  • size 5 shoes
  • wears 18 months in clothes

Sunday, June 15, 2008

TuTu Cute!!!

Kali's birthday pictures!

Father day!

Happy Fathers day!!
I want to my husband that i love him and that he is such a great daddy!! Right now he is in Texas working hard so, he is missing his day!! But Kali loves you and wants you to have a great day!! We can't wait till you come home!! We Love you!

I want to also Wish my Dad and mitchells Dad a very Happy Fathers Day!!! We love you both!!!!

Kali's First Birthday!/ Snow Flake Trip

I can no believe Kali is one!!!!!!!!!!! The other day on Kali's birthday me and Kali went with Mom Herron to Snowflake.
Opening her present from apple Jul and pop-pop
They got her two very cute shoes and a fun little toy that Kali loves...
We sang and had cupcakes with all her cousins... (2nd cousins... I think)


Kali and Addie ( I hope i spelled that right and if not sorry.)

Kali and Katie

Kali with... Carla, McKay and Abe

Playing with apple Jul

Trying to be like Grandma Jul

Julie, me and Kali with the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

our baby is turning ONE!

A year ago today around 11:30 am i went into the hospital to to be induced. They gave me a whole bunch of drugs but nothing was working, Kali just didn't want to be born on June 11th. So around 9 pm the doctor decided to take me off the drugs and let me eat something and get some sleep. They gave me sleeping pills to sleep b/c they did do something to help my cervix thin, and it was very uncomfortable. I don't every take sleeping pills so it kinda knock me out.

Kali had other plans. The next day June 12th At 2 in the morning i woke up to about 5 nursers around me. Kali's heart rate has dropped. I just remember feeling so scared and nervous. I was already out of it from the sleeping pills, it was so horrible! by 2 30 i was having a C-Section!

At 2 59 am Kali Diana Herron was born, about 15 minutes later Mitchell went to show of our little girl.

And Now!!!!!! One Year later.... He is still showing her off

Happy Birthday Kali!!!


Me and daddy have been so blessed to have you in our lives. We can't believe your turning one! This year has gone by so fast, and we loved every second of it. We have loved watching you grow and change everyday. You are so cute, and have such a sweet personality. Everyone always comments on how much you smile, they say " I don't know any other baby who smiles as much as she does" and we love that about you. You brighten up our day when ever we look at you. We could go on and on and on and on about how much we love you and how cute you are, but we just want to end with this, we love you so much and we are so proud to be your parents. We have enjoyed this first year so much and looking forward to all the many years to come! We hope that we can be the parents you deserve.

We love you!

Love, mommy and daddy

Water FuN!!!!!!!!

Well me and Kali got back from Utah last Friday where the weather was cool and so nice! We went from in the 70's and low 80's to over 100!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I'm not liking Arizona right now!!!! so to deal with the heat we have to turn to Fun in the water!!!!!

Here is Kali having fun with her Grandma (Apple) Jul!