Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nice Weather...

The Weather here in Utah is started to get nice.....
GARAGE sales!
I am very happy about this because, we have gotten rid of Kali's old clothes and are in need of baby Boy clothes and baby things, Snice most of our baby stuff is PINK!
Last Saturday was our first Garage sale day of the season.
Although my dad wasn't thrilled when he saw all the crap my mom came home with (ha) I did really good and only bought things I needed (almost)
I only went out with $40 but ended up spending $66..... But I got some good finds!

Tons of Baby boy clothes most only 25 cents. (some my mommy did buy)

I want to do a jungle themed baby room. This is a crib bumper, wall hangings and a baby blanket for $5

This is a over sized real Love Sac. Brand new they are over $300 It was in very good condition, I got it for $40.

*Not pictured is a filing cabinet that i got for $10, which me and Mitchell have been looking for one for ever.

Can't wait till next weekend!

Happy Easter!

Visiting the Easter bunny with Lydia, Grandma and Papa.
Kali and Lydia both did OK they weren't crying but they weren't jumping for joy to be sitting on his lap.
Bunny Ears...

Both these girls Love their Papa!

Easter Sunday...
Daddy was out of town this year for Easter. but Auntie Kayla was here and we had a blast with her. Kali always LOVES to see Kayla!

They are going to be Trouble one of these days

Yup.. Her and her doll match..

Dying Eggs

Kali Loves having older sisters. It has been a great exprience so far having 3 foster daughters.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Herron

Back in February Mitchell's parents came out for a short but fun filled visit.
Thanks guys for coming we had a blast!