Thursday, December 27, 2007

welcome home

Our New house

we just found out today that we got the house we wanted

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yay.. Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

movie reviews

National Treasure: Book of secrets..

Today as a family for our Christmas eve activity we went and saw National Treasure 2.... we all liked it.. I personally liked it better than the first one. but everyone else liked the first one better.. i did find it to be a little long they kinda dragged it out to much.. But over all it was good..
Alvin and the Chipmunks
I thought that this movie was totally cute.. I however like little kid movies.. And Kali for the parts she wasn't a sleep, liked it.. It makes me want to go find some talking chipmunks...
I am Legend
Me and Mitchell went to see this movie last week..we both really liked it.. It is kinda creepy and you might have trouble sleep that night.. I did... I wasn't scared because of it it just made me think and i keep replaying the movie in my head.. My brother however said he didn't like it because it reminded him of castaway..
All three movie i really liked but its up to you to form your own thoughts.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let it snow....


Kali's first time in the snow.. I wanted to lay her down in it and see what see would do but my dad put her down and she started to cry.. so.. so much for that idea.... maybe we will give it a try again before we leave..

Kali with Grandpa... gettin' ready to go out in that cold cold weather.. I LOVE Utah and i hope one day we will move here... but the cold weather has to go.. It makes me miss Arizona..

Kali getting some big girl numb numbs..

Its just a cute picture.. What can i say me and Mitchell have a cute daughter..
Well today is Sunday and me and Kali went to church with my parents.. it was the first time i have been to all 3 hours in a long time and it was Kali's first time ever.. But she was a trooper.. They do sacarment meeting in the last hour here and before it started she was yelling so load.. it was so funny and cute i think she liked the way her voice sounded... My mom taught the lesson in relief Society.. And she did an amazing job it was on gratitude.. So in the sprit of her lesson i just want to say how gratefully i am for everything i have.. I have an amazing husband, who loves me and would do anything for me, he works his butt of so we can have a nice place to live and so i can stay home with our beautiful daughter.. Who has blessed our life so much. We couldn't of asked for anything more. she is healthy, cute as can be and just so precious to us...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is almost here!!

YAY! Christmas is almost here.!! Me and Kali are in Utah and of course Mitchell is at home is Arizona... boo for working... He is joining us Sunday night we can't wait!!! We miss him!!! I love Christmas in Utah because it actually feels like Christmas.. There is snow on the ground and i love it.. However i am glad i get to go back to Arizona where the weather is a lot warmer..

Its the best thing Santa could leave in a stocking!!

Kali misses her daddy so much we are just going to mail to him..

Oh waiting in line at the mall to see Santa.. What fun it is..

Grandma and grandpa with their favorite little girl!
Kali loves her grandpa..
cozing up with grandpa after a nice warm bath..

Why go out in the cold .. when you can have a snowman in side the house..

Yummy.. yummy in Kali's tummy.. She loved the Gerber biscuit bitters.

Kali loves Missy...

You can see why Kali is so cute.. Its in the jeans.

Kali bug with grandma..

The past month..

I know.. I know.. I have been soo bad at keeping the blog updated....
But not to much has happen in the last month..

  • Mitchell bought a new car.. and has already resold it..
  • Kali went to the Doctors for her 6th month check up for those horrible shots..
  • At six months she only weight 19 lbs and 4 oz.. ha she is a big girl...
  • Me and Mitchell deiced to move into a bigger apartment.. then deiced not to .. just to get a house... so we have been house hunting alot..
  • found a house we both really liked but a offer in
  • offer fell through
  • found another house and put a offer in and still waiting to here for a reply..
  • Kali's two bottom teeth have finally broke through the gums..
  • She is soo close to crawling.. and can sit pretty good by her self now..

Our little ganster baby

too cute
We took kali to the mesa temple to see the christmas lights.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm Obsessed..... My brother-in-law had the first season of Lost and i always wanted to see the show so i watched but i got hooked... I rented the second season and now I'm watching the third season ABC. Com....


Although we really wanted to go with Mitchell's parents to California to the desert to camp Mitchell had to work on Friday so we stayed home and had our won Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous i was afraid that the turkey wouldn't turn out.. It would of been OK it it was just us two but Mitchell's brother also joined us so i didn't want to ruin it or anything..

Mitchell buttering up the Turkey

All ready to eat....

And of course Kali Bug got something to eat that night as well.

The other day i was folding laundry and i looked over and this is what I saw.. Kali was just looking up at me and smiling... It is to easy to love this girl..

Its Starting to look alot like Christmas..

Our apartment is too small for a Christmas tree but we were able to decorated with lights out side.. well not we.. Mitchell did it.. but he was so excited..

Last Sunday we took a walk around Tempe market place.. I know.. I know shame on us.. But Kali loved the big Christmas tree..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Back to Mesa

Well we flew into Phoenix last night at 9 30 at night, although i love Utah and would love to live there it is nice to be home and to sleep in my own bed was great! Last week was such a hectic week...

I flew into utah, and my flight was delayed like an hour so we didn't get back to my parents house till like 10 30 at night
In the morning me and my mom got our hair cut and eye brows waxed and that took like 3 and a half hours and then my Grandma and Grandpa Klavano and my cousin Amber and her little girl flew in at like One in the afternoon. And that night we went to Temple square to see the Joseph Smith movie and then went out to dinner..
Emily went trough the temple for the first time in the Manti Temple which was about a 2 hour drive , and we dropped the babies off at a friend of my mom like 15 min away from the temple. Which was stressful because i was worried about Kali, she isn't taking a bottle anymore.. After the session (which was 2 hours) We got the babies and went out to a late lurch with Emily's family and then drove the 2 hours back to my parents. That pretty much to the whole day. Then later that night we went to Kohl's to get Mitchell's out fit for the wedding.
Me and my mom got our nails and toes done.. we got french tip on our nails and they did a horrible job so we went solid for the toes. Then we went to welfare square in salt lake and took a tour. Which was cool we got to see all the things the church does for family's in need. That night my Aunt Carol and Cousin Nicole and my Grandma and Grandpa Ducote got to my parents house.
My sister and one of my brothers Friends flew in at 2 30 in the morning. My Aunt Traci and cousin Spencer flew in to Utah about 9 30 in the morning. Mitchell flew in at 8 30 at night. The Johnson family (my aunt, uncle and cousins) got to my parents house while we were picking up Mitchell. John Gauthier so arrived that night around 8:00 and so did Seth and Corin. (friends of the family)
we had to get up at 5 30 in the morning to get ready. we had to be at the temple at 7 30 in the morning. after the sealing we stayed for awhile to take pictures then we went home for a bit and had to leave a 3 for the reception which was an hour drive. Everything was so pretty , they look so happy together, i am truly happy for them .
It was my dad's birthday so we went out to lunch and took off at 5 45 to go to the airport our flight was at 7 40...

And to top it all off Kali didn't really sleep to good the whole week.

More pictures from the wedding and past week

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Social butterfly

Aunt Joanne and Uncle Mike


Seth and Corin

Cousin Sarah

Cousin Steven

Uncle David


Grandma & Grandpa


Aunt Kayla

Aunt Kayla

Davids Friend Jason