Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Kayla and Blake...

(I stole this picture off Kayla's face book)
Yesterday I got a call from my Sister Kayla, she called to tell me that her and Blake are engaged!!! (Blake it is about time!) I am so excited to get another brother especially Blake he is such a great guy and very good to my sister!!!!!

Kayla and Blake I am so HAPPY for you guys I love you both!!!

California Trip

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to California. Kali and I went and stayed with Mitchell's parents. Tessa, one of Kali's favorite cousins was also there and she LOVED every minute of it. Kali was also so happy to see her Apple Jul and Pop. WE then drove with Julie Scott down to Ventura were Mitchell met us. We were there For Mitchell's Nanny's birthday! It was so much fun to see every one!!

*** Thank you so much Julie and Scott for everything! We had a blast with you guys!!! Kali Misses you guys alot!