Thursday, March 27, 2008

A phone call and Swimwear..

Mitchell is out of town till Friday he is in Yuma working, i hate having a hard working husband!! But i love him for doing it.... But anyway last night I got a phone call from him saying that i was going to get a call from the Secretary in our ward... Because he knew i wouldn't answer a unknown number... and i thought about not answering but i did..... it was already 8 15 at night I was already for bed the alarm was set.... And i had to go down to the church because quote " The bishop would like to meet you" so i said ok... I went down there The Bishop wanted to do more than "Meet" me he wanted to give me a calling!!!!!!!! I said HECK NO!!. Ha of course i said yes.... He wanted me to be a Primary teacher.. The 8 year olds... I'm a little nervous.. In utah i taught the sunbeams for a little bit and that was fun because they don't really listen and they aren't going to remember anything to tell their patents.. THIS CLASS WILL LISTEN.. So i have a be prepared every Sunday!!! I'm excited though i think it will be fun!!

Mitchell of course laughed when i told him but then got put in his place when i told him the Bishop said he had a few callings in mind for him.. I think this will be good for us.. We have been married almost 2 year and this is our 3 ward and we have never had callings.. And we have only been in this ward less than 2 months!!! So these people move fast!

Ok well moving from Church to my new immodest swim suit ( Which is touchy supject) .... I was very excited to go swim wear shopping for our upcoming trips as you can see on my countdowns!! I have never been a size four and i have never had the body to wear a bikini.. But THIS TIME Its DIFFERENT.. I HAVE THE BODY SO I CAN!!!!

Easter and Update

Easter Sunday
Looking through her Easter basket from the Easter bunny AKA Her Grandma Jul

Kali Update and Pictures:
  • She hit her 9 month mark a couple of weeks ago on march 12th.
  • 22 lbs
  • Good news for mommy kali is taking a bottle!!! After trying over and over again to give her a bottle and he denying it She just decided one day that she would take it. No one worrying when Her grandparents are watching her.
  • standing with out support
  • She is WALKING!!!! with her walker.. not yet on her own but very very close.
  • Her hair is coming in... Slowly, but its coming.
  • Her top teeth are coming in.. So she has been very very fussy!!!
  • Says Hi and waves.. It so cute!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cute as a button

Washing the car with daddy

About a month ago mitchell got kali to stand on her own with out support. Now she is a Pro at it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easter Pictures