Monday, September 29, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dustin and Brittney!!!

Last night we were over at mom and dad Herron's to have a birthday day dinner for Dustin (my brother-in-law) and his "friend" Brittney. Dustin is turning 24 on Thursday and Brittney is turning 25 tomorrow... so HAPPY Birthday Guys!!! We love you!!!

Kali LOVES her cousins Seth and Tessa! She gets so excited the moment she sees them!! It is so Cute!!

Playin' the drums with DaDDy!

This little stinker..... I was in the bathroom doing my makeup and hair and i hear Kali crying a little so i go see what is wrong and she had took her foot stool over there and climbed up!

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Chair & New Friends

So I have been looking FOREVER to find Kali a cute little chair or couch and after a long long search I finally Found one on Craig's List.. only $25 this chair new would of cost close to $80 Crazy huh?!

Well.. I started to watch kids at my home to earn extra income. So far I only watch two little girls full time. Jordan and Adriana. That is Kali and Adriana in our kitchen that we are in the middle of redoing..
Mitchell made me take a picture of Kali in these pants. They are her "sexy pants" they are so tight on her. it funny and cute!
So after a long morning Kali did something that she NEVER does.... she laid down and fell asleep on her own. And to top it off, it was in a weird spot right in the entrance to our kitchen..

Kali update::
  • 24 lbs has of her last doctors appointment on 9/17
  • 32"
  • LOVES to talk... in our own language if course
  • Can say: HI!, dada, mama, baba, Tessa, thank you, moo, bye, ok, up, baby, papa, pop-pop, tickle-tickle
  • Still LOVES Barney and all the other PBS kids shows
  • puts on her own shoes and every other shoes she finds.
  • says Hi and waves to everyone in the store
  • LOVES her daddy!!! She always has but she started about a month or so ago to really cling to him...
  • Loves to play with other kids
  • loves to sit in her chair
  • LOVES FOOD!! she will eat anything
  • Still sleeps in our bedroom we finally got her out of our bed and now sleeps in her own crib
  • uses her belly button as her "silky"
  • LOVES to Smile, give hugs and kisses

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Sea World/San Diego Pictures

These pictures are off my mother-in-law's camra

Aunt Tiffani Gave Kali a Mohawk
Kali wasn't a big fan of this or any of the rides
Three cute Kids!
Its a REAL Dolphin in the back!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


My wonderful mother-in-law wanted to take us girls and our kids to sea world. So we went and had a blast!! Kali Loved it!!

The Beach

On Day Two or our trip to San Diego, we went to the beach. Kali at first wasn't to sure about what was going on and got scared of the waves but then when she got used to it i couldn't keep her away!

CA trip Grandma Klavano

Hanging out with uncle Steve.

Talkin a walk with Grandma

This is my Aunt Julie, one of the reasons we went to California to see her, she lives in Missouri so we don't get to see her a lot.