Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!!!

The other night me and Kali went down to mesa to go to the pumpkin patch/ Farm. Kali had tons of fun with her cousins, pop-pop, apple Jul, aunt Tiffani & uncle Spencer.

looking at some animals.

Going for a hay-ride.

Kali being decorated by apple Jul and pop-pop

How cute is this!!

Kali's pumpkin, she picked it out her self

Jumping with her cousin, Tessa.. Aunt Tiffani was nice enough to go inside to keep and eye on them..
Crawling through a tunnel to mommy

Her cousin, Seth

pop-pop helping her pose.

Look at those two sexy mommies with their two cute girls.

Kali's New Doll, its dressed like a flower..

Kali's cute daddy's girl t-shirt....
Its true, she really is a daddy's girl!

just watching tv eating a snack.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

alseep in the highcahir.. Again!

There is something about the weekends... Kali did this last week but this week she was in the middle of eating her corn dog and french fries..

Friday, October 24, 2008

lady bug Bow

Just playing on a box.

How cute is this bow!!! My sister-in-law Tiffani made this for Kali's Halloween costume she is going to be a lady bug!!!

I put it on her, she wasn't in the mood, can you tell?

She fell asleep the other night holding her tigger.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Kali Loves Ice!! Thanks, to her Apple "Grandma" Jul.. She always wants our cup and she will just sit and eat till its gone...
For some reason Kali LOVES this Tigger.. Just past week she has become really attached to it.

Just being her cute self..

So we gave her lunch and when she was done eating she just fall asleep, I was very shocked that she did that.. I guess if you are tired enough you will fall asleep anywhere!

So i got this FREE, i posted an ad on criagslist because i need a Pan N Play, and some VERY nice lady e-mailed me and said she had one she would give me for free and when i went over there to pick it up they were in the processes of moving and she gave me a whole much a stuff and this one thing. Its was brand new, its a game, it comes with food and your supposed to toss it in his mouth.. Kali LOVED it. She sat there and put the food in his mouth and took it out...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hair!!!! ..... Kitchen & Livingroom.... Before & After

HAIR!!!!!!! YES, it is finally some what coming in!!!!

So.... We moved into our house back in February and are just now starting to get it painted. Kali's room was painted a while ago by my dad when they came to visit...... ONCE.. (yes mom that was for you, i said ONCE!!!) i have no pictures of here room i will take some when it is put back together if we ever get her out of our room and sleeping in her own room! anyway there is still some work that needs to be done like new baseboards and tile. we have the tile but Mitchell just needs to find the time to put it in.

The Kitchen


We painted the cabinets white and put handles on them... We also got a new light above the island. We will be putting tile in here hopefully soon, and we would like matching appliances so hopefully that will happen soon too.

Living Room

That is a New TV... Mitchell's new baby!!!! we put our 32" in our bed room and traded up to a 50" flat screen plasma. Mitchell wired all the stuff to go behind the walls so it looks really nice with no cords.
(the other green couch is in our garage, it needs to be cleaned, so in a couple of days we will have matching furniture)