Monday, November 16, 2009

Disney Princess Classics on ICE

Last night Michell and I took Kali to the final showing of Disney on ice in salt lake.. SHE LOVED IT.... She was zoned into the whole time.. I think Mitchell even liked it. It was a cute show..

I know this picture they look far away but we could see really good


After weeks and weeks of trying to get an appointment me and Kali were FINALLY able to go get our H1N1 shots. Kali was GREAT she didn't even blink me on the other hand had to close my eyes.

Auntie Kayla

My sister Auntie Kayla was here last week. Kali LOVED seeing her.. They day after she left she was asking to go over to grandmas to Kay'a... We had Tons of fun... The whole family went to the zoo (minus my hardworking husband) ... We shopping, out to lunch and a BYU basketball game.

The Zoo

Monday, November 2, 2009


For Halloween Kali was "Princess" as she calls Cinderella...

As you can see from her unhappy face, she didn't get a nap that day... Which made getting her in her costume not fun.

We went Trick or Treating in DayBreak which is right by the new Temple in South Jordan.. Kali saw the Temple and said Pretty Castle.. and she kept saying Kali's Castle.

We didn't go Trick-or-Treating very long but this is the result of about 35 or so minutes.