Saturday, February 21, 2009

Utah Pictures

Just being cute

NO a Shock, we went to Cabela's AGAIN for the 4th time since we have been here

Kali loves her Aunt Emily and Cousin Lydia

She does this all the time, folds her arms and walks around..

Me with my two girls!

Already for church

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dancing Queen

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kali Girl!

So me and Kali are still in Utah! I do like it here, I love being able to spend time with my parents, but i do MISS my husband. we are going on 3 weeks! hopefully Mitchell will be done in Texas soon! I love this face, I mainly see it when she knows what she is doing is wrong, but how can i ever be mad when she flashes those pretty blue eyes she got from her daddy!

This is Kali watching her new favorite movie, the BEE Movie! No kidding we have watched almost everyday we have been here in Utah. I remember when we went to go see it in theaters, she was probably around five months old, we went with her Grandma Jul, Pop-Pop, Aunt Tiffani and her cousin and she sat on my lap the whole time and stared at the screen. Now she just lays down by her self and watched it.

Kali loves the snow! She loves to go out side and eat it.

Video of Kali
This is mainly for her daddy because i know how much he misses her!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Utah..

It is day 10 me and Kali have been in Utah, still not sure when we are going home it all depends on when Mitchell is done in Texas. but we are having fun with Papa and Mom ( Which is what Kali calls Grandma)
Kali with Sara and Emma Finch.

Well, this isn't a shocker we have been to Cabala's twice already and I'm sure we will go again before we leave.

Kali with Great Grandma & Grandpa Klavano

She isn't that much bigger.. Ha!

Lydia's blessing

my niece Lydia Noel Klavano got blessed on February 1st by my brother (her daddy).
She had this really cute dress, and David did a GREAT job!

Lydia with her mommy and daddy

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kali and Lydia

Yup.. that's right me and Kali are in Utah AGAIN!!!! We will be here for a month.. Mitchell has gone to Texas for work. It is going to be VERY hard to be with our him for that long but we are just grateful he has a job. Kali LOVES her newest cousin Lydia, and I LOVE my newest niece as well!!!