Sunday, August 24, 2008

yay 21!

Olive Garden

The whole family (minus our wonderful kids)

My wonderful Husband made me a cake!

Gardening with Apple Jul

This is Kali just being cute!

Friday, August 22, 2008

water and mall fun

Week full of FuN! On Monday, we went to the mall with Apple "Grandma" Jul, Aunt Tiffani and Cousins Seth and Tessa. Then later that night we went to the movies. On Thursday ( Yesterday) we went to a water play area.

Daddy hosing Kali off after Dinner.

The Mall

After the movie we went outside and this is what we saw... Kali naked playing in the water, it was pretty funny and cute. The Water Play area.
Apple Jul with her two girls.

Aunt Tiffani caking on some sunblock on Kali's white little body.

Cute Seth posing for a picture.

Kali walking with Apple Jul.
Tessa just playin and being her cute self.

Just sittin' in the water.
jugging a yogurt drink.


Two CUTE girls!

Tessa giving Apple "Grandma" Jul kisses..

Kali trying to figure out how to use the bike....

Clapping after she had figured it out..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

spending time with grandma and grandpa

On our last day here in Utah before we go home, we went to the Fair and saw goats, pigs, cows and sheep. And we went to Avery Park and feed geese and played in a cool water fall. They had it set up so kids could play in it, it was pretty nice.